GBC Falcon 3064WF-1 64” Wide Format Laminator


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GBC Falcon 3064WF-1 64” Wide Format Laminator

GBC Falcon 3064WF-1 64” Wide Format Laminator
GBC Falcon 3064WF-1 64” Wide Format Laminator
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GBC Falcon 3064WF-1 64” Wide Format Laminator 
The GBC Falcon 3064 wide format laminator is the latest generation technology for thermal and cold lamination and mounting of inkjet and photographic images up to 64" wide and 1" thick. The Falcon 3064 is the ideal finishing system for maximum control and capability in lamination. Laminate and mount from either side of the unit using the innovative swivel control panel that goes where you go. Bi-directional operation is further enhanced by the repositionable foot pedal and adjustable nip rollers to enable pressure-sensitive lamination and mounting operations immediately following thermal jobs. No need to wait for the rollers to cool down. The addition of the patented Advanced Electrical Safety System allows you to maximize the output quality without jeopardizing safety. The new AES System consists of three components - fiber optic detection, dynamic braking, and dual processor. These features work together to immediately stop the rollers once an obstruction is detected - no extra revolution - to provide the ultimate in safety. The GBC Falcon 3064 includes GBC's patented new Advanced Electrical Safety System is designed to protect the operator when running jobs from either side of the machine. The system consists of three components--fiber optic detection, dynamic braking, and a dual processor. The edge-to-edge fiber optic sensors provide full obstacle detection across the width of the roll to eliminate the possibility of failure due to blind spots. Once the sensing beam is broken, the dynamic braking system engages to immediately stop the rollers. The dual processor provides a backup to ensure reliability and maintain consistent performance.
Digital display for pressure and temperature eliminates guesswork.
User-friendly control panel swivels to either side in seconds.
Bi-directional productivity allows hot and cold jobs to be run consecutively.
Foot pedal provides maximum hands-free control accessible from either side of the unit.
Roll-to-roll applications benefit from an edge roller on the front feed table and a curved trailing edge on the rear feed table.
Heat and pull rollers are independently adjustable and infinitely variable to 1" thanks to mechanical roller adjustment.
Intelligent controller monitors and maintains consistent temperature for optimum quality.
High release silicone rollers allow for easy cleaning. 
Loading and Feeding:
Film shafts swing out for easy loading and unloading.
Front table folds down for easy access to rollers. Rear feed table is removable.
Advanced Electrical Safety System protects fingers from harm while feeding.
Unique pressure plate flattens leading edge of curled prints for improved feeding.
Adjustable high-quality clutch ensures consistently flat output.
Two in-line edge slitters save trimming time.
Channeled air-cooling system and large chill idler roller eliminate waves on thermal output.
Unwind/Rewind: 1 unwind, 1 rewind (3 combo unwind/rewinds)
Maximum Film Width: Up to 64 inches
Gauge: Up to 10mil
Film Diameter: Up to 10" on a 3" Core
Material Thickness: Up to 1"
Speed: 0-18 fpm (Both Directions)
Temperature: Up to 300 Degrees F
Dimensions: 82" W x 33.5" D x 57" H
Weight: 1,498 lbs
Power Requirement: 220V, 32A, 60HZ, Single Phase
Safety C/UL listed

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