Nexus 400-DTG Neoflex Anajet 2021

Nexus 400-DTG Neoflex Anajet 2021
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Nexus 400-DTG Neoflex Anajet 2021

Nexus ProRIP software, 

-Full set of 500ML CMYK +1000ML White Inks, Pre-treat solution 1 Gallon

Nexus DTG 400
1. Designed for Production and Precision.
The powerful servo motor control system manages the Nexus’s movements on the Y and Z axes facilitating absolute precision and perfect registration on dark shirts every time.  The Nexus is driven by a stainless steel precision drive screw and rides across a dual linear ball bearing transport system.      
2.The Nexus Flexibilty.
The Nexus is comes with configurable platen system, 6 up 7"x13" and 3 up 13"x16" platens to give you the flexibility for different size prints to achieve high production capabilty.  With the interchangeable platens, you can rest assured that you can expand to the dynamic market’s demands.  You can also purchase an additional size platens as you grow your business.
3.Commercial vs. Desktop.
The Nexus is based on an Epson 4880 printer (commercial grade) with a print head rating of 45,000= impressions.  In contrast to most other machines, the print head on Nexus has a Teflon coating that has drastically improved its vulnerability for nozzle clogs.  Most competitors based their machines off an Epson 1800/2200 (desktop grade) printer with a print head rating of 15,000 impressions and no Teflon coating.  Please visit to see the difference yourself!
4.large Print Area.
The Nexus has a 45”L x 17”W x 4”H printable area.  With the Nexus’s flatbed technology, the operator is able to print a single image the entire length of the bed or multiple images that fit within this generous printable area.  The Nexus 400 is able to fit 6 small sizes or 3 adult size platens in a single pass.  
5.Nexus Production Level Speed.
On average the Nexus can print 60+ white shirts an hour and 30+ black shirts an hour.
6. Nexus vs. “single platen machines”
The Nexus printer head actually moves over the whole print bed allowing for a continuous work flow.  For example, as the printer completes one item, you are able to load a new item, all while the machine is already working on the next.  The Nexus will cycle back and forth as many times as you instruct it to.  With other machines on the market, the substrate is usually moving underneath the printer head resulting in inefficiencies in workflow.  For example, as you load an item, you are idle waiting for the printer, as soon as the printer finishes, it is idle waiting for you to reload and send that data thru again.  Therefore there is notable idle time between you and the machine.
7.Auto Multi-Pass Recognition
The Nexus is the first printer to implement Auto 2nd layer technology. The printer will recognize a multi-pass job such as printing on dark shirts, and will stop at the very last pixel printed on the first pass of ink and immediately move back to the beginning of the print to finish the next.  This will significantly shorten your cycle time and offer you an edge over competitors with faster production capabilities.
8.Less Maintenance.
The Nexus system comes equipped with a wet capping solution to help prevent clogging for extended non printing periods.   The control panel also manages the forward/back, and up and down motions of the printer.
9.Nexus ProRIP Software.
The Nexus ProRIP software comes with every printer purchase.  This powerful RIP program can handle all your textile printing needs.  Our ProRIP can handle just about any generic file format type such as .eps, .ps, .bmp, .tif, .jpg.  Special features include the template creator, job archiving, white grayscale printing, white highlight printing for textiles, as well as saving user defined media settings.  The ProRIP software is able to achieve extremely precise detail as well as gradients on light or dark garments.   Our team of color specialists will continually update you with new ICC profiles for numerous types of media that can be easily loaded into your software.  Our goal is to ensure that your color output is unmatched in your market.  
10. Superior Quality & Support.
Each Nexus goes through a rigorous check prior to shipping to the customer to ensure that every product is in perfect condition.  With every Nexus purchase comes a 1 year limited warranty as well as technical support from our team of professional technicians.

Printing Method    Direct Inkjet Garment Printer   
Max Printable Area    17" x 45" (431.8mm x 1066.8mm)   
Platen Height Adjust    Semi-Automatic 4.5" (70.36mm)   
Machine Size    32.4" (W) x 78.9" (L) x 47.1" (H) (823mm x 2004.1mm x 1196.3mm)   
Machine Weight    275 lbs (124.7kg)    275 lbs (124.7kg)
Ink Type    Water Base Pigment Ink   
Ink Color    CMYK+WHITE   
Print Engine    Epson Stylus Pro 4880   
Print Head Type    Epson 4880 MicroPiezo AMC Print Head - Teflon Coated   
Print Head Life (Epson 4880)    45,000 Impressions   
Droplet Size    3.5 Picoliters   
Variable Droplet Technology    Yes   
Number of Print Heads    1 Print Head, 8 Channels (one per color), 180 nozzles per Channel   
Max Image Resolution    2880 x 1440 DPI   
Print Mode    Uni-directional, Bi-Directional  
Print Speed 8"x10" image    0:39 at 360E DPI   
Transport System    Precision Drive Screw under PLC Controlled Servo Motor System    
Printable Substrates    100% cotton, cotton/polyester blends, some 100% polyester    (natural/synthetic), ceramic, stone, canvas, wood, formax, etc.
Operating System Requirements    Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7    Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7
Environment    50F(10C) to 95F(35C) Humidity 25 - 85% RH   
Interface    USB (USB1.1/2.0)   
Power Consumption    90VA (average), 20VA (idling)   
Power Supply    AC220V/115V ±10% 50/60Hz ± 1 Hz   

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