Image Armor ULTRA Pretreatment For DTG-Printers Brother Anajet

Image Armor ULTRA Pretreatment For DTG-Printers Brother Anajet
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Image Armor ULTRA Formula
Image Armor ULTRA Formula is the latest generation of pretreatment from Image Armor. Made especially for the latest inksets from Image ArmorBrother® GTX & GT3 Series & Epson® Sure Color F Series and high speed Aeoon DTG printers, that require faster activation speeds.  The ULTRA Formula makes short work of activiating and gelling white ink so it can be simultaneously printed with CMYK.  

  • 100% Cotton Mid-color to Black color shirts
  • Increased vibrancy and wash fastness makes your shirts look like high end screen printing

Benefits of Image Armor ULTRA Pretreatment

  • Faster gelling of White ink on higher speed printers
  • No Crystallization  of the pretreatment after pressing
  • Much wider margin for application
  • RFU (Ready for Use) formula does not require any mixing.
  • Easier on your pretreating equipment. Less clogging issues.


Pre-test prior to any production runs for substrate suitability and performance.


  • Pre-heat press your garment to smooth down fibers and any wrinkles.  It will also drive out excessive moisture.
  • When applying pretreatment to the garment, make sure to apply it as evenly as possible (Automatic mechanical pretreatment machines are the best).
  • Depending on the shirt being pretreated there are some variables to consider on how much to apply.
    • A good starting point is 15-18 grams per 14″x14″ area.
      • NOTE: 18-26 grams may provide you with better washability and optical brightness. This is contrary to some manufacturer's recommendations.  Pre-Test to find your best laydown for the garment you are pretreating.
    • The heaver the garment, the higher the amount of pretreatment needed.
    • The darker the garment color, the more pretreatment is required.
    • The lighter the weight of the shirt, you can usually reduce the amount of fluid applied to the garment.
    • The lighter the color of the shirt, less pretreatment is usually required.
    • The lighter the color of the shirt, less pretreatment is usually required. HINT: You might try cutting ULTRA for light colored shirts 1:1 mix (using one part distilled water to one part ULTRA pretreatment) to reduce yellowing or discoloration. DO NOT USE on white or natural colored shirts.

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