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Mutoh Kona Series 2018

Mutoh Kona Series 2018
Product Code: Kona Series 2017
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Mutoh Kona Series 2018


Available in 30, 55 and 66 inch widths
Multi-purpose: sign-cutting and lettering, contour cutting and cut-through
Dual roll support system
Full colour 3.5 inch LCD screen
For home, office and professional users

Max Media Width    1000mm (Kona 760)
1640mm (Kona 1400)
1890mm (Kona 1650)
Max Sheet-Off Width    760mm (Kona 760)
1400mm (Kona 1400)
1650mm (Kona 1650)
Cutting Range    104-740mm (Kona 760)
104-1380mm (Kona 1400)
104-1630mm (Kona 1650)
Max Epos Measurement Width    760mm (Kona 760)
1400mm (Kona 1400)
1650mm (Kona 1650)
Max Speed (Acceleration)    1000mm/s (axial) - 1414mm/s (diagonal)/3 G (4.2G diagonal)
Cutting Force/Media Thickness    20-450g/max 1mm
Stand and Wheels    Optional (Kona 760)
Standard (Kona 1400)
Standard (Kona 1650)
Media Drive Mechanism    Micro-grit friction feed/digital control servo motor
Cutting Principle/Blade Types    Drag knife/30°-45°-60° tungsten carbide blades
Tracking    ±0.1mm within a media moving frame of 4 metres
Interface/Input Buffer    USB 2.0/40MB
Graphic Language    MGL
Power Requirements    100-200 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 100 Watt
External Dimensions mm (w x d x h)    

 Kona 760
1200 x 260 x 275
Weight: 21kg

Kona 1400
1850 x 490 x 1150
Weight: 48kg

Kona 1650
2090 x 490 x 1150
Weight: 52kg
 Options & Supplies    
Product Code    Item
ZMY-15530    Stand, wheels and media support rollers for Kona 760
ZMY-15230    Media basket for Kona 760
ZMY-15233    Media basket for Kona 1400
ZMY-15234    Media basket for Kona 1650
ZMY-15510    Roll off system for Kona 760
ZMY-15513    Roll off system for Kona 1400
ZMY-15514    Roll off system for Kona 1650
KY-15305    Cutting Matt (5 pieces)
ZMY-10050B    Knife holder without depth change indicator inc one blade, 45° angle, 0.5mm offset
ZME-20034A    Blades for knife holder above (30° angle) set of 2
ZME-20034B    Blades for knife holder above (45° angle) set of 2
ZME-20034C    Blades for knife holder above (60° angle)
ZMY-10034B    Knife holder with depth change indicator inc one blade, 45° angle, 0.5mm offset
ZME-10034A    Cutting blades - 0.5mm offset 30°.  Set of 2
ZME-10034B    Cutting blades - 0.5mm offset 45°.  Set of 2
ZME-15134    Cutting blades - 0.5mm offset 60°.  Set of 2
KY-15134    Set of sheet-off blades (10 pieces)
 What's In The Box    

Plotter unit
Plotter stand and wheels (1400 and 1650 only)
Media support rollers (1400 and 1650 only)
USB cable
Knife holder with cutting blade
Power cable
Set of sheet off blades (10 pieces)
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