Roland DWX-51D Dental Milling Machine New


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Roland DWX-51D Dental Milling Machine New

Roland DWX-51D Dental Milling Machine New
Product Code: DWX-51D
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Roland DWX-51D Dental milling machine design for effortless generation of dental prosthetics. Built for accuracy, error-free milling, you do not require any machine expertise to operate it. Together with touch-button controls and automatic milling features, the production of high-quality bridges, crowns, inlays, onlays, abutments and other restorations out of 98-millimeter disks and cubes has been made virtually foolproof. It is designed to be capable of producing copings, crowns, complete bridges, and abutments and other prosthetics from zirconia, wax, PMMA, composite resin, PEEK and gypsum with unmatched speed and accuracy.
Produced and fabricated by Roland DG’s highly skilled group in Hamamatsu, Japan, Roland DWX-51D has united its current portfolio of proven dental technologies. Roland has installed over 3000 dental milling centers since entering the dental market and gained a sterling reputation for reliability and service. Its aftersales support and care are reported to be second to none.
I envy anyone arriving into the Roland DWX-51D for the very first time, and they will immediately find how it speeds up their workflow and opens up new revenue streams. It works with the most recent materials, and connections seamlessly together with 3D scanners and digital CAD software. It is a Perfect solution for a tech that wants a milling center which they can just install and get on with their occupation 
– Zirconia milling machine
– New C-clamp for easy adjustment and alignment
– 10-station Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) for continuous milling
– Diagnostic notification system alerts user of machine status
– Five-axis dental milling machine capable of 5-axis simultaneous machining to achieve complex cuts Mills wax, zirconia, PMMA and LavaTM Ultimate with precision
– Diamond-Coated Tools Now Available
– Approved for 3M ESPE LavaTM Ultimate Restorative
– Powerful vacuum and anti-static ionizer for clean calibration and dust reduction
– Air blower system to aid difficult to machine materials
– Ideal for creation of copings, crowns, bridges, and abutments
– Innovative clamping system securely holds a wide variety of materials
– Simplified Virtual Panel enables easy operation G-code compatible
– Compact design is well suited for small office spaces or laboratories
– Ability to connect four DWX-51D machines to one computer
– Compatible with industry standard software
– Open architecture design for easy integration into a complete milling solution
Roland DWX-51D Included items :
A set of drill tools for zirconia and a set of tools for PMMA. It includes the milling machine with all the original tools, monitor, computer, mouse, keypad and dust collector.
Power cord, USB cable, Regulator, Air hose, Pin-type material adapter, Automatic correction jig, Detection pin, Torque screwdriver, Milling bur holders, Mounting screws, Hexagonal screwdriver, T-shaped hexagonal screwdriver, Dust collection hoses, Dust collection hose adapter, spanner, Roland Software Package CD, Torque screwdriver, Ferrite core, Manuals
*Two-Years Roland Manufacture warranty

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