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Stoll CMS 822 E-5.2 KNIT & WEAR MULTI GAUGE Flat knitting machine
The machine was bought at Stoll. First owner. Serviced at Stoll throughout its entire life, in pe..
Ex Tax: $16,000.00
Stoll CMS330TC-C MC E10 Flat knitting machine
Flat knitting machine from STOLL CMS330TC E10, year 2011 Specifications Gauge 10.0 Wi..
Ex Tax: $11,000.00
Stoll CMS520C E3 Flat knitting machine
Stoll CMS520C E3 Flat knitting machine Flat knitting machine from STOLL CMS520C E3, year 2015..
Ex Tax: $17,500.00
Summit DTG Printer 2020
Includes: Digital RipPro Spftware DTG Job Release Control Device Wagner Pretreatment ..
Ex Tax: $5,500.00
Summit XT DTG Printer
Prints with CMYK and white inks / prints on light and dark colored t-shirts, garments and mor..
Ex Tax: $6,500.00
Used Mayer and Cie Relanit 1.6 R Circular knitting machine
Machine: Mayer & Cie Model: 1.6 Relanit R Striper machine 5 color, Year 2005, ..
Ex Tax: $15,000.00
Used Steiger Vesta Multi F12 Flat knitting machine
The machines are available in Italy fully functional and overhauled. Possibility of any test ..
Ex Tax: $20,000.00
Veloci DTG Jet XL Printer New
What’s included: Veloci Jet XL Printer New One 13" x 18" Shirt Holder or 13" x 24" Shirt H..
Ex Tax: $4,200.00
ZHUOXING CNC Knife cutting machine automatic type for box/textile/carpet/car mat
Cutting Area: 1600*2500 Cutting Speed: 1.5m/s Graphic Format Supported: PLT, DXF Appl..
Ex Tax: $8,800.00
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